Here, you can find several session-by-session recordings of undergraduate courses from Washington College as well as special online seminar series.

Faerie and Fantasy (Washington College, Spring 2011)

A new course which pursues Tolkien’s claims in his seminal essay “On Fairy-Stories” by examining the development of fairy stories from the Middle-English fairy tradition down to its descendants in 19th-century fairy tales and the 20th-century fantasy genre.

The Silmarillion Seminar (Online, December 2010 – August 2011)

An online audio discussion of The Silmarillion, proceeding through the book at the pace of about a chapter a week.

Undergraduate Tolkien Survey (Washington College, Spring 2010)

A quick but reasonably thorough survey of Tolkien’s works, beginning with some of his more minor writings, such as “On Fairy-Stories,” “Mythopoeia,” “Leaf by Niggle,” and “Smith of Wootton Major,” and then proceeding to his major works, including The SilmarillionThe Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings.